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Capital Management Advisory

Merlin Capital Advisory offers a flexible capital management / capital advisory solution to support board/exec teams
and their existing advisers to bring a specialist consultant with deep experience and no hidden agendas into a process:
1) Support the client (and collaborate with existing advisers / service providers);
2) Deliver a smoother, more successful transaction by assisting an under-strength counter-party; and/ or
3) Extend a service provider’s resource pool by being engaged as a sub-contractor.

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Our services include:

• Analysis - equity, debt, economic, capital structure

• Equity raisings incl rights issues and private equity placements
• Broking - private client and institutional
• Asset and business sale and purchase
• 100%, majority and minority stakes sale and purchase
• Bank financing
• Bad bank and debt/asset restructuring
• Bond and convertible note issues


Successful execution of all of the above requires sound, independent advice on strategy and planning, capital ownership and development of an appropriate set of monitoring metrics. Merlin Capital Advisory will provide support across all of these areas.

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